In July 2014, with the support of family, friends and other Cri Du Chat advocates, we started the Cri Du Chat Research Foundation to advocate for and facilitate research on Cri Du Chat Syndrome, also referred to as 5p Minus Syndrome.


The main focus of the Cri Du Chat Research Foundation is the establishment of a biobank and genetic registry to collect well-described genetic samples from individuals affected by Cri Du Chat Syndrome. Through a partnership with the Genetic Alliance Registry & Biobank (GARB), the Foundation will operate and maintain a biobank and registry, facilitating research into and the advancement of the syndrome’s body of medical literature. The Foundation and its members will also sponsor fundraising activities in order to raise the necessary funds to support its mission, while raising awareness for the syndrome.

Board Members

J C Leston

Vice President
Megan Leston

Joseph J. Leston

Joseph Del Prete

Members at Large
Bridget Maloney
Joseph F. Leston
Nicholas Elefterakis